*This committee represents the merger of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee and the Complete College Georgia Committee, effective 8/11/17. For historical information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee email%20a%20request%20for%20EGSC%20Statutes%20dated%2012%2F20%2F16.  EGSC's Complete College Georgia Plans are located on the Institutional Initiatives page. 

The title of this committee was changed to the Student Success Committee by the President's Cabinet effective 8/9/23.

Purpose & Functions

The purpose of the committee is to support all initiatives to identify students at risk of not making academic progress toward their degree, to implement responsive measures to facilitate their academic success and to implement measures designed to foster student retention and graduation. The functions of the committee are to implement an intrusive early academic intervention for students presenting indications of likely failure to make academic progress; to identify students failing to make academic progress but likely to be candidates for academic support services and inform them about and encourage them to use the available services; to maintain data about students not making academic progress to enable the college to better analyze and address the likely factors contributing to such failure to reach their academic goals; to implement advising, registration and academic support guidelines for such students with the goal of retention and graduation, to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose and to continuously improve the college’s response in support of these students. Ad-hoc subcommittees and/or task forces may be created to meet the needs of the committee.


    • Chair, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs;
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs;
    • Associate Vice President for Data Analytics and Academic Attainment;
    • Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research;
    • Director of Admissions;
    • Director of Retention; and
    • Director of Academic Advisement.

Works of the Committee