Formerly called the Board of Review.

Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the grievance committee shall be to provide a formal method for resolving work-place disputes involving one or more of the college’s employees including student employees, faculty members and staff members. The grievance procedure is designed to be used only when the employee’s resort to first- and second-line supervisors has failed to resolve the conflict. If the parties to the dispute have elected to use conflict resolution, the grievance policy shall not be used to resolve the dispute unless the conflict resolution process has been completed and the parties have failed to accept the outcome of that process.

The functions of the committee are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose and to hear disputes and to recommend a resolution of those disputes to the President.

The Grievance Committee will consider disputes under the circumstances defined in the “Employee Grievance Policy” for faculty, staff and student employees, and the “Dismissals, Demotions and Suspensions Policy” for classified staff, as stated in the Board of Regents Human Resource Administrative Practice Manual. A grievance will not be available to dispute student matters outside the employment relationship, promotion and tenure decisions, non-renewal of contracts, performance evaluations, hiring decisions, classification appeals, challenges to salary decisions, challenges to transfers or reassignments, termination or layoff because of lack of work or elimination of position, investigations or decisions reached under the EGSC Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy or EGSC Sexual Misconduct Policy, and normal supervisory counseling.


Annually, the Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected by the Faculty. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be members of each committee formed to address a specific grievance. In addition, the President shall appoint three other individuals to the committee formed to hear any particular grievance. This shall include one faculty member and two staff members.