Th CHOICE Program for Inclusive Learning is a program of study for highly-motivated learners identified as having a developmental or intellectual disability. It is a two-year, four-semester, program that applies the principles of experiential learning, academic enrichment, socialization, self-advocacy skills and integrated work experiences that lead to gainful employment, and is identified as a Comprehensive Transition program by the US Department of Education. The CHOICE Program offers up to ten student slots to potential candidates for Fall 2024.

The CHOICE Program has developed successful transition practices that promote quality and inclusive postsecondary services and supports within the program and campus of East Georgia State College. These practices result in improved gainful employment and successful independent living outcomes for students with an intellectual disability. Person-Centered Planning is used to identify a student strengths and needs. The PCP serves as a guide to student success.

We work closely with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation services. GVRA Pre-ETS services are embedded in each of the six courses offered by the program.

Theresa Davis

Theresa Davis


CHOICE Program