Purpose and Functions:

The purpose and functions of the IT Committee are to review, evaluate and recommend IT policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose, to review and evaluate hardware and software standards in anticipation of technological trends and their impact on the academic environment.


    • Chair, Vice President for Information Technology;
    • Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences;
    • Dean of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences;
    • Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs;
    • Marketing Coordinator;
    • Library Director;
    • Purchasing Accountant;
    • IT Support Services at EGSC Statesboro;
    • IT Network / Security Specialist;
    • Three faculty members appointed by the Chair;
    • Student representative;

Ex-officio, non-voting committee members include:

    • IT Manager of Enterprise Services;
    • IT Manager of Infrastructure Services;
    • IT Manager of Support Services;
    • IT Web Services Specialist;
    • Director of eLearning; and
    • IT BANNER Database Administrator.

Works of the Committee: