Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the External Relations Committee is to assist East Georgia State College in fulfilling its mission and goals by strategically advancing the College’s visibility, brand, and reputation. The functions of the committee are :

    1. to liaise with the Office of Marketing and Communications to create, review and recommend policies to the Cabinet pertaining to marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, internal and external communications, and publications;
    2. build and sustain purposeful relationships with key stakeholders to positively influence opinions, actions, and decisions which further the interests of the College;
    3. assist in developing, implementing and supporting initiatives that enhance the College’s internal and external relationships;
    4. liaise with the Director of Event Planning and Scheduling to ensure a high level of support and publicity for campus events;
    5. liaise with the Director of Event Planning and Scheduling, Office of Admissions and the Athletic Department to proactively ensure EGSC has a presence at all recruitment opportunities;
    6. liaise with institutional units/departments to assist in College marketing and communications efforts; and
    7. recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose.


    • Chair, Director of Event Planning and Scheduling;
    • Athletic Director;
    • One faculty member elected by the faculty;
    • Admissions representative;
    • Information Technology representative;
    • Business Affairs representative; and
    • One student appointed by the Student Government Association.

Works of the Committee