East Georgia State College recognizes the importance and historical significance of the Commencement ceremony. The purpose of the Commencement Committee is to provide a memorable, celebratory and respectful graduation event that is accessible to all supporters of our students and which appropriately reflects the College’s unique culture, its mission and vision.


    • Recommend appropriate policy and actions as needed to achieve the committee’s purpose. Oversee all aspects of East Georgia State College’s Commencement ceremonies, including the following details:
    • Select the date, site and time for all commencement ceremonies.
    • Establish a budget for essential commencement expenses and approve all expenditures.
    • Maintain a potential list of keynote speakers.
    • Select and confirm all keynote speakers at least two years prior to the commencement ceremony at which each one will be speaking.
    • Approve all other commencement program participants including the Alumni speaker, the Student speaker, the Invocation speaker, student marshals, student ushers, musicians and vocalists.
    • Approve the commencement ceremony script.
    • Approve the commencement program booklet.
    • Approve all student regalia, including tassels, cords, and medallions.
    • Approve all ceremonial items, including the President’s medallion, the mace and the gonfalon.
    • Provide oversight and coordination of necessary support services, including lighting, sound, graphic design layout of program, publicity, photography, videography, security, food services, equipment rentals, event set-up and event clean-up.
    • Provide assessment and feedback, including ideas to make commencement more meaningful and significant.


    • Co-Chair, Registrar;
    • Co-Chair, Director of Event Planning and Scheduling;
    • College President;
    • Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs;
    • Faculty Senate representative;
    • Assistant Registrar;
    • Student Affairs/Student Life representative;
    • Information Technology representative;
    • Institutional Advancement representative;
    • Plant Operations representative;
    • Police Department representative; and
    • Student, appointed by Student Government Association.