Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the Art on Campus Committee is to create a unique and collegiate campus learning environment by developing opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the community to create and permanently display only original artwork on EGSC’s campuses. Such measures will provide a visible avenue to enhance our student’s college experience, improve the workplace environment for faculty and staff, and enrich interactions with constituents who visit campus.

The functions of the Art on Campus Committee are to:

    1. Catalogue and preserve college-owned works of art;
    2. Provide artwork to display in interior and exterior spaces on EGSC’s campuses;
    3. Work collaboratively with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to promote art’s importance as a touchstone to encourage and enrich learning, foster an understanding of the interconnection between disciplines, and emphasize the importance of culture and history.

Arts for Our Community


    • Chair, Institutional Advancement representative
    • Business Affairs representative
    • Information Technology representative
    • EGSC – Statesboro representative
    • EGSC – Augusta representative
    • Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Art Faculty elected by the faculty

Works of the Committee