Course Overload Request

    • Students are eligible to registered for a maximum of 17 credit hours in a semester (Spring, Summer, Fall) no matter what part of term in which their courses are (12 credit hours are considered as full-time.)
    • Students who wish to take more than seventeen hours and who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement may submit a Course Overload Request form (PDF).
    • Course Overload requests must be approved and signed by a student’s academic advisor, the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs, and the Registrar.
    • All Signatures must be obtained prior to registration.

Directed Study Request

    • Students seeking to take a course at EGSC as a directed study must be approved to do so by the instructor.
    • Students and Faculty member who has agreed to a Directed study course must complete the Directed Study Course Request form (PDF).
    • Directed Study forms must be approved and signed by the academic advisor, Dean/Department Chair, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and the Registrar.

General Policies on Directed Study Courses:

    1. Academic quality should not be sacrificed in directed study courses. Students are expected to perform at equivalent levels to those in regular courses. Modifications in course requirements should be minor and only reflect procedural matters rather than course content.
    2. The primary responsibility for completing a directed study course rests on the student. It is his/her responsibility to make sure that assignments are completed and tests are taken in a timely fashion.
    3. As a partner in a directed study course, the instructor agrees to set aside at least one hour per week (more if the class has a lab) to meet with the student. These hours and days (from beginning to end) shall be stated in writing. Instructional hours should not overlap with office hours.