New Students

New students must go through the orientation process prior to registering for classes. Once the pre-Registration survey has been submitted, students will be registered by an advisement team. For more information about Orientation, please contact the Office of Admissions at (478) 289-2017.

Continuing and Returning Students

Continuing and returning students can register for courses for the upcoming semester during the open registration period. Please review the Academic Calendar for specific dates and information. Check to see if you have any holds on your account as advising holds will prevent you from registering. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please visit your myEGSC student portal and look for the ‘Advisor Information’ application.

Previously attending students who have not attended for two or more consecutive semesters must complete and submit a Former Student Application via GAFutures at least 4 weeks prior to the state of a semester. See additional readmission information here.

Students must schedule appointments with their academic advisor for the purpose of obtaining class advisement each semester. While face-to-face communication with your advisor is recommended, students may be advised via telephone or by e-mail if the advisor agrees.

Academic advisors will release an advising hold (if applicable) which will allow the advisor to proceed with the student’s registration after they have received what type of coursework the student must complete.

How to Register for Classes

    1. Review Degreeworks
    2. Go to the course schedule here to select your classes. Don’t forget to write down the five digit CRN's
    3. Meet with your advisor to have your registration HOLD removed.
    4. Login to your student portal.
    5. Open Banner web from the homepage of the portal.
    6. Click Student Records.
    7. Click Registration.
    8. Enter to appropriate registration term and click Submit Term.
    9. Click Add/Drop Classes.
    10. Enter the selected CRN's and click Submit Changes.
    11. If you need to drop a course from your registration, choose Drop in the action block and click Submit Changes.

 All students must see an advisor to have the registration hold removed from their Banner web account before they will be able to register.

Click here for list of common registration holds

Transient Student Registration

Incoming Transient Students

Students registering with EGSC as a transient student must confirm that their Transient Permission Form has been received  from their home institution with the Office of the Registrar and must provide documentation with the course information (i.e. Course name, number, and CRN ) to complete the registration process.

Outgoing Transient Students

Students who regard EGSC as their home institution and wish to attend another institution for a specific semester must complete the EGSC’s Transient Permission Form and submit it with supportive documentation to the Office of the Registrar for approval. If approved, the registration process will be handled with the transient institution.

Student Tuition & Fees 

Tuition and fees are due at the point of registration and no later than the Final Fee payment deadline which usually falls on the third business day of the semester (see the Academic Calendar).

The Fee payment deadlines apply to all students including those who are applying for financial aid.  If students apply for aid and it is not available by the time fees are due, Students are still expected to pay from their own resources. Those eligible for aid will be reimbursed once it is posted to their account.

The Business Office will invoice student CatMail Account to the cost of their tuition and fees each semester.
Student’s registration is subject to be dropped if you financial obligation to the institution is not satisfied by the Fee payment deadline.

(Note: students who register and decide not to attend must complete the schedule adjustment form or to formally drop their classes before the first day of the semester and no later than the last day of the Drop/Add Schedule adjustment period).