East Georgia State College Regional Science Olympiad

Event Sign-Ups Available Coming Soon

Notes for signing up for events:

    1. When the sign ups become available, the Tournament Director, Paul Cerpovicz, will e-mail the link to the SignUpGenius site to sign-up for events to each coach.  Access to the site will also be available using the link above.
    2. The Sign-Up name will be:  East Georgia State College Science Olympiad – DATE
    3. You will receive e-mail notifications about your sign-ups from info@signupgenius.com.  Please make sure that your e-mail account is set to allow e-mails from this site.
    4. Be sure to sign-up for events using the e-mail address you used to register with the State Director.
    5. To sign-up for an event, check the box for the event(s) or time block(s) you want, then click on the Submit and Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.  On the subsequent screen, enter your Team name, as registered with the State Director, in the comment box.  This will be the school name.  For schools with multiple teams, the teams must be numbered 1 and 2 (i.e. ABC School – 1;  ABC School – 2).  This is a state rule.  Next, enter your name and contact info, then click the Sign Up Now button. 
    6. All events will have a sign-up, including events with only one time slot.  This allows us to prepare for who will be competing in each event.
    7. Sign-up slots for some device events may have less slots available when the sign-up system opens, than the total number of teams competing.  When all slots are filled, additional slots will be made available.
    8. Schools with more than one team must sign-up both teams in the same time block.  If teams from the same school are signed up in different time blocks, both teams may compete, but only the scores from the first team competing will be counted.
    9. The sign-up system will allow you to sign-up or cancel a sign-up for an event.  You may also swap sign-ups with another team/school if both you and the other coach agree. 
    10. Teams signed up for a time block for testing devices should arrive at the beginning of the time block they are scheduled to compete in and remain until they have competed.  Teams will be tested in the order in which they arrive.


Note:  Dr. Paul Cerpovicz reserves the right to amend any information on this website. This site is provided to help students and coaches.  If you find discrepancies or inaccurate links or information, please contact Dr.%20Paul%20Cerpovicz%20by%20e-mail%2C and he will make the necessary updates/corrections as soon as possible.