If you have already been accepted to EGSC...

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How to Register for Classes


  • Review Your Degree Requirements
    Review the catalog for your program requirements. You can also review your DegreeWorks audit to help determine what courses you need to register for to stay on track for degree completion.    
  • Review the Course Schedule Online
    Create a listing of courses that you will need to take in the upcoming semester and check online to see if those courses will be offered. You may check the course schedule here to determine the best days and times to fit your needs 
  • Make an Appointment with Your Advisor
    Students are required to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor each semester. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please visit the myEGSC Portal and look for the "Advisor Information" application.  Email or call your advisor to set a meeting time. Share your desired schedule with your advisor. Your advisor will consult with you on your courses and register you for the new semester(s).  
    During the open registration period you can adjust your schedule as needed (i.e. add, drop, change course times/days) after you’ve met with your advisor. Academic advisors will release the advising hold (if applicable) which will allow you to make changes via BannerWeb by following the steps below:
      • Log in to the myEGSC Portal.
      • Open BannerWeb from the homepage of the portal.
      • Click Student Records.
      • Click Registration.
      • Enter registration term and click Submit Term.
      • Click Add/Drop Classes.
      • Enter the selected CRNs and click Submit Changes.
      • If you need to drop a course, choose Drop in the action block and click Submit Changes.

Students may also adjust their schedule by completing the Schedule Adjustment form located in the myEGSC Portal. Make sure that you are not registering for classes that you do not need. Contact your advisor if you need additional assistance or if you have questions.

Transient Students

For Incoming Transient Students

Students registering with EGSC as a transient student must confirm that their Transient Permission Form has been received  from their home institution with the Registrar’s office and must provide documentation with the course information (i.e. Course name, number, and CRN ) to complete the registration process.

For Outgoing Transient Students

Students who regard EGSC as their home institution and wish to attend another institution for a specific semester must complete the EGSC’s Transient Permission Form and submit it with supportive documentation to the Office of the Registrar for approval. If approved, the registration process will be handled with the transient institution.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee payment are due at the point of registration and no later than the Final Fee payment deadline (see the Academic Calendar on the College Website). This includes: Financial aid,  VA educational benefits, self-pay, and all other third party payments. Failure to secure classes through payment will result in the loss of registration at the beginning of the term.

If you have questions about registration,
visit the Registrar’s webpage or contact recordsFREEOMNIUPDATE.