CHOICE is a 2-year Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) culminating in a certificate of completion, workforce preparedness, and lifelong learning experiences. The East Georgia State College inclusion program is designed for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities who desire to pursue a complete college immersion experience.


Students in the CHOICE Program attend college for the same reasons other students attend to:

    • continue their learning
    • make connections with their peers and develop lifelong relationships
    • develop new skills and enhance confidence in many areas of their lives
    • be a valued and contributing member of student life
    • make contacts in their desired field of study
    • develop career opportunities through building networks on campus and active participation in practicums and classes
    • ultimately secure meaningful and sustainable employment
    • Upon receiving all required documentation, applicants who have been selected for an interview will be notified by the screening committee.
    • Applicants, once selected, are required to participate in an interview with the screening committee. Applicants are encouraged to participate in their screening interview without a parent/support person present. If the student desires an interview with a parent/support person, a second interview may be scheduled.
    • The decision for admission to the CHOICE Program will be based on the Screening Committee’s rating of the applicant’s materials along with the results of the interview(s).

CHOICE Program students typically take 12 credit hours per semester. This allows students to take full advantage of Pell funding if they qualify. The tuition and fees chart below is based on a non-housing student taking 12 credit hours for the 2021-2022 academic year. For more information, please contact Financial Aid via email at finaidFREEOMNIUPDATE.

Credit Hours In-State Tuition Fees Total In-State
12 $1,140 $428 $1,568


Yes, the CHOICE Program for inclusive learning at East Georgia State College (EGSC) has been designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP). The DOE recognizes such programs that meet specific criteria and provide postsecondary learning opportunities for students with disabilities. One benefit of the CTP designation is that students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Please contact Theresa R. Davis, CHOICE Program Director, for more information at 478-289-2191.

Participation in the program lasts two academic years or four semesters.

Each CHOICE student follows a semester schedule of courses that is tailored to his or her specific needs and interests. Students audit East Georgia State College courses for institutional nontransferable credit and take program courses in career development, academic enrichment, self-determination, and independent living.

First year students will take that typical matriculating college students take along with CHOICE Program courses. student’s own goals. Tutoring sessions are part of each student’s plan, often with a peer mentor. Job shadowing and internships, either paid or unpaid, are required for every CHOICE student. These may be on- or off-campus opportunities depending upon individual students’ person-centered plans. A minimum of 50% of students’ experiences are in inclusive settings.

Choice students are required to agree to the following:

    • A desire to continue academic, career development, social and independent living instruction at East Georgia State College’s CHOICE Program for Inclusive Learning.
    • Ability to be responsible for understanding and adhering to the EGSC Code of Conduct for students and will be responsible for any violations as well as sanctions imposed by the EGSC Director of Student Conduct.
    • Ability to accept responsibility for actions and to maintain respect for self and others.
    • Demonstrate a willingness to complete all assignments with support.
    • Ability to sit through an entire class period which consists of 60 minutes to a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes.
    • Capacity to function independently for a minimum of 2 hour blocks of time. Independence in handling his/her own specialized dietary and/or medical needs, as well as in the use of his/her own medication.

Integration is a key to the success of our program. CHOICE students are treated like any other EGSC student. They participate by auditing general courses or taking them for nontransferable institutional credit, work typical jobs and socialize with nondisabled students. Allowing program participants to socialize, communicate, and learn in the same ways as their peers provides them with the academic, social and career development skills that prepare them to take/share responsibility for making decisions about their future.

Upon successful completion of the program, CHOICE students can choose to transition back into the community where they apply knowledge and skills gained through the program to everyday living, enter the work setting, or transfer to another post-secondary inclusive program to continue their learning journey.