The Faculty Senate shall function in an advisory capacity directly to the President of the College, as the official representative of the Faculty in regard to all matters of import to the Faculty or any other matters which the President brings before it. The Faculty Senate shall meet at least two (2) times per semester during the regular academic year.

In keeping with the mission of East Georgia State College, the definitions above, the purpose of the Faculty Senate as included in the Faculty Handbook, and the principles of shared governance, and to encourage excellence in teaching, service, and professional development through the free exchange of ideas among the Faculty, students, and staff of East Georgia State College, the duties of the East Georgia State College Faculty Senate will include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • To study, discuss, and recommend institutional objectives, policies, and procedures;
    • To represent and advocate the concerns of the Faculty;
    • To maintain communication between the Faculty and the administration;
    • To make recommendations to the President as to the development, welfare, and morale of the Faculty;
    • To conduct research and review on matters of importance to the Faculty and the general welfare of the College, including forming and charging committees;
    • To maintain communication with Staff Council, Academic Affairs, and the President’s Cabinet;
    • To review and introduce changes in policy;
    • To review and recommend College action with regard to changes in the world of higher education;
    • To foster a cooperative spirit within College governance; and
    • To support Faculty efforts to respect and preserve academic freedom at East Georgia State College.

The Faculty Senate shall be composed of seven members: two representatives elected from each division, at least one representative must hold tenure; one representative from each campus; and one at-large tenured representative elected by the entire membership. If any full-time Faculty members petition the Senate arguing that they are not represented by the elections, the Faculty Senate will consider the petition and may grant a proportionate number of “at large” seats to the Senate. The East Georgia State College representative to the University System of Georgia Faculty Council shall be a non-voting position on the Senate appointed by the Senate Chair.

The Faculty Senate, in addition to any action taken at faculty Senate meetings, shall carry on its business through a structure of Standing Committees. The committees shall make recommendations to the faculty Senate. Upon adoption by the Faculty Senate, the action of the faculty Senate is advisory to the College President.


Meeting Agendas and Minutes