The Charge to this Task Force was completed Spring 2013.

East Georgia State College is committed to providing a safe and a secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The College maintains an Office of Public Safety including both certified police officers and security guards; maintains, continually evaluates and continually improves an Emergency plan; maintains an Office of Counseling and Disability Services (name changed to Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services in 2024) within the Division of Student Affairs; and maintains standing committees reporting to the President known as the Behavioral Intervention Team and the Emergency Response Team.

In order to assure that all of the college’s staff, policies/procedures and committees are integrated to effectively prevent and respond to threats of imminent harm posed by individual behavior, a task force has been established to review all of the colleges policies and procedures in these areas and make recommendations to the President in FY2013 about any needed areas of improvement.

The members of the task force were:

    • Drew Durden - Chair
    • Olivia Egan
    • Carmine Palumbo
    • Anna Marie Reich
    • Mary Smith