Through the counseling services offered, we strive to improve the educational experience and success of students by providing holistic counseling services addressing personal, career, and academic needs. We help students address issues and concerns that may impede their ability to fulfill their academic potential through the following services.

Personal Counseling

    • Students will often experience concerns of a personal nature such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief, relationship/family issues, sexual identity concerns, homesickness and roommate issues.
    • Personal counseling is designed to assist the student in learning coping skills that will help them function positively in the academic environment. Personal counseling is an active process requiring participation by the client, both in and outside of sessions. Couples counseling may be sought if both parties are currently enrolled as students at East Georgia State College.
    • Students may be referred out should their needs extend beyond the scope of practice or resources available through the Counseling Center.

Free Depression Screening Tool

Having feelings of sadness, guilt, low self-worth, poor concentration and loss of interest? You may be experiencing depression. Depression is a common and serious illness that affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

Free Depression Screening Test

Print or email the results and bring them to someone who is helping you in your recovery or contact the EGSC counselor to discuss results at sroyalsFREEOMNIUPDATE.



East Georgia State College and the University System of Georgia have partnered with Uwill, the leading student mental health and wellness solution, to offer students free, immediate access to teletherapy, a direct crisis connection, and wellness programming through its easy to use online platform.

To schedule teletherapy:

      • Create a profile at Uwill
      • Choose a therapist based on your preferences, including availability, issue, gender, language, and ethnicity
      • Choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability.

Uwill is private, secure and confidential!

If a student is experiencing a mental health crisis, help is available 24/7/365
Call 833-646-1526
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Uwill also provides students free access to on-demand wellness programming through its easy to use online platform. Select "wellness" from the left navigation and relax and recharge your mind and body with a wide range of wellness such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more! Allow Uwill to help you discover greater focus and balance as you navigate the semester.

If you need any assistance, you can refer to the Uwill FAQ, Student User Guide, or reach out directly to Uwill at

Career Counseling

Early career planning is crucial in assisting students in finding jobs that are a good fit. Career counseling and planning will assist the student in matching their unique skills and preferences to specific types of work so that they can build the career they want. Choosing a career and/or major can be overwhelming for many students. 

Career counseling services are designed to assist the student in:

    • exploring career aptitudes and interests;
    • determining career values;
    • learning more about specific job requirements;
    • finding opportunities for employment. 

We offer individual counseling as well as assessment to assist the student in identifying their career interests. 

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling exists to assist students with issues that affect their ability to learn. Test preparation and test anxiety are two of the most common problems that students encounter in this area. Additionally, many students have a difficult time adjusting to college-level coursework.

We can assist you in:

    • learning strategies to overcome test anxiety;
    • developing better study habits/test preparation skills;
    • time management skills;
    • organization and study skills.

While we do not provide academic advisement, we can assist students in developing a general academic plan.

If you are in an immediate life-threatening crisis call 9-1-1.
DO NOT attempt to contact us via email or voicemail.


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