Any vehicle parked on campus must have an East Georgia State College parking permit. Permits may be obtained at:

    1. the Business Affairs office in Swainsboro,
    2. the front desk in Statesboro, or
    3. the Augusta University Police Department at the Augusta campus to receive your permit.

Parking fees are included with course registration. View the EGSC Parking Regulations.

The Parking permit for motor vehicles consists of a hangtag which shall be affixed to the rearview mirror or placed on the dashboard where the permit number is clearly visible. A pressure sensitive permit is available for motorcycles and shall be placed on the front fork.

Parking permits are NON-TRANSFERRABLE and therefore only belong to the person to whom the permit was assigned. The hangtag will need to be placed in the vehicle that is being driven to campus.

A $5.00 fee will be charged for lost permits. Additional hangtags may be purchased for fee of $5.00.

Parking Regulations

All vehicles must park in designated parking areas. Faculty and Staff parking is indicated by YELLOW parking space lines. Student parking is allowed in WHITE lined parking spaces only. Faculty, staff, and students parking in Visitor Parking are guilty of a parking violation. 

How To Park On Campus (Chart)



See Campus Map for parking locations at the Swainsboro campus.

If your registered vehicle is not operable, you can request a temporary parking permit from the EGSC Police Department at no charge. Bring your parking permit (decal) number and the vehicle registration for the vehicle in which you are requesting the permit.

If you call for your vehicle to be towed from the campus, notify the EGSC Police Department immediately. Unless the campus police department receives authorization from the owner that the vehicle needs to be removed from the campus by use of a tow truck that vehicle will not be allowed to be towed from the campus.

If you receive a citation, you must either pay the fine or request an appeal (PDF) within five (5) working days of receiving the citation. Failure to respond within this time frame prohibits you from requesting an appeal. Visitors must either mail citation or bring them to the EGSC Police Department. You must write on the citation who and where you visited, and the purpose of your visit.

Disabled Spaces

East Georgia State College is required by state law to reserve handicap parking spaces for the permanently disabled. State law 40-6-226 established the fine for illegally parking in a handicap zone up to $500.00.

Disabled students with vehicles bearing state disabled tags may park in designated handicapped parking spaces in any parking lot on campus. In case of temporary disabilities, students should contact the EGSC Police Department for parking arrangements.

If you have special needs or require further information about the College’s accommodations policy, please contact the EGSC Police Department at 478-289-2090.


Visitors to the East Georgia State College Campus may park for limited periods of time in any space marked for visitors.

Temporary Registration

Persons driving a replacement vehicle or have forgotten their hangtag will need to obtain a temporary permit from the EGSC Police Department. All information including year, make, model, color, and tag number will be needed to get a temporary permit.