Recently-admitted students beginning the dual enrollment program and current dual-enrolled students who wish to continue in the program from one semester to the next will follow the steps below to be registered for classes.

Before Advisement

Dual enrollment students must first meet with their high school counselor to discuss what courses are needed to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

High school counselors must submit approved courses to East Georgia State College before students can be advised and registered.

Dual Enrollment Approved Courses

Advisement & Registration

Dual enrollment students receive priority registration to ensure that they have access to the courses that they need to fulfill high school graduation requirements. New Dual Enrollment students are required to complete the online New Student Orientation to schedule an advisement & registration meeting with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, which is done by appointment only. Continuing Dual Enrollment students will receive an email from the Dual Enrollment Coordinator with instructions on the advisement and registration process.

Schedule Registration Appointment

IMPORTANT: If any changes are made to the course schedule after the Dual Enrollment agreement form has been approved, a new agreement form must be submitted and the new course(s) must be re-approved by both the high school counselor and Dual Enrollment coordinator. Students are not permitted to withdraw from a currently enrolled course without prior approval from their high school counselor verifying if the course will affect their high school graduation requirements.

GaFutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application

Dual enrollment students are required to complete the GaFutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application to ensure that they receive the Dual Enrollment Funding to cover their tuition and non-course-related fees.

Students should complete the GaFutures application before registering for classes. Failure to complete the application could result in students having to pay for their cost of enrollment or removal from courses. Students attending a private or public Georgia high schools and students attending a home study program can complete the Home Study application.