Every year, the University System of Georgia and East Georgia State College work hard to obtain the most competitive rates and most valuable benefits for students enrolled in the USG Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

COVID-19 has, once again, highlighted the importance of the plan as a valuable healthcare and pharmacy benefit, and we are happy to provide this coverage option for all of our students.  

There are no changes to plan benefits for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

There will be a premium increase of 10.5% across all categories of students and enrollees. This increase is due to the increase in claims costs related to COVID-19 testing, treatment, and pharmacy services.  Additionally, utilization of benefits remained high in some categories, such as mental health, and there was an increase in costs for treatment for serious medical conditions.  We worked closely with our broker to negotiate the lowest premiums and our advisory committee to provide feedback on the plan changes.

 USG SHIP Plan Benefits Highlights and Plan Premiums – 2022-2023
  USG SHIP Benefits
Annual Individual Deductible $500
Coinsurance Percentage 80%
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $6,350
Non-SHC Office Visit Copays
$20 / $20
Prescription Drug Copays $25 / $50 / $75
Lifetime Benefit Limit Unlimited
Annual Premiums Mandatory Premium Voluntary Premium
Student Only $2,671 $3,744
Spouse $2,398 $4,118
Child $2,938 $4,118
All Children $5,876 $8,237
All Dependents $8,815 $12,355
Undergraduate Student Benefit Premiums International Student Benefit Premiums


Premiums are charged on a per-semester basis. More information about the USG SHIP is also available at https://www.usg.edu/student_affairs/student_health_insurance_program_SHIP.

View the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Forms

If you have questions, please contact shipFREEOMNIUPDATE.