Adopted by President’s Cabinet August 23, 2016; 11/30/22

These regulations apply to all faculty, staff, students and visitors of East Georgia State College.  This policy applies to Personal Transportation Vehicles PTVs (motorized and non-motorized) which are not required to have a State Issued Tag.

    1. Segways, skates, skateboards, roller boards, and non-motorized scooters are allowed on campus, but not in campus buildings. The only exception is that Segways may be used inside buildings by the EGSC Police Department. Operators of these types of PTVs are required to maintain control of them at all times and must not operate them in any disruptive manner to campus activities.  PTVs of this type are not allowed to be operated in an unsafe manner on staircases, handrails, or on bridges.  Operators must yield to pedestrian traffic at all times and must not impede the flow of vehicular traffic on campus streets and roads and in campus parking lots.
    2. Hoverboards are prohibited on campus.
    3. Bicycles are permitted on campus and must be secured to bicycle racks when not in use. Operators are not allowed to secure their PTV on any campus light poles, buildings, sign posts, etc. Operators of bicycles are encouraged to provide a lock to secure their PTV.  Bicycles left secured to bike racks on campus at the end of the Academic Year (May) will be removed by the EGSC Police Department and disposed of.
    4. Campus-owned golf carts are allowed to travel on campus streets, through parking lots, and on sidewalks but must not impede the flow of vehicular traffic and must yield to pedestrian traffic at all times. Golf carts are only allowed to be driven by campus employees (faculty/staff/students) and are not allowed to be used to transport anyone who is not on official college business.   Procedures for the use of campus-owned golf carts can be found here