11.11 Institutional Website Policy

Scope of Policy

East Georgia State College hosts an institutional site on the World Wide Web/Internet to promote the institution, to provide information about the school, and to extend its educational reach beyond the physical campus. Documents placed on the East Georgia State College website must adhere to the following guidelines in order to enhance East Georgia State College’s image as an institution of higher learning.

Guidelines of Policy

      1. All pages should be approved by the East Georgia State College webmaster before being placed on the World Wide Web.
      2. All pages must not violate copyrights or other restrictions.
      3. Production will be limited to faculty/staff authorized to act for their departments/divisions/organizations.
    1. All pages must:
      1. contain a link to the East Georgia State College home page; 
      2. indicate the date of last update; 
      3. contain name and e-mail address of person responsible for the page; 
      4. contain the full name of department/division/organization in title or document text; 
      5. include any navigational aids needed required by the size of documents; 
      6. active links to any website mentioned; 
      7. present a professional appearance that meets general expectations of an institution of higher learning.
    2. It is the responsibility of page authors to:
      1. make sure all appropriate copyrights and other restrictions are met before submitting web page for publication
      2. proofread all pages to check spelling and grammar in order to present a professional appearance representative of an organization of higher learning;
      3. check finished document with appropriate browsers; d. submit changes and additions to pages to the East Georgia State College Webmaster for prior approval before activating links.
    3. East Georgia State College reserves the right to remove any content that, in its opinion, violates any of the provisions of this policy.