Adopted by President’s Cabinet 4/25/17
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 6/28/22

East Georgia State College (EGSC) does not reimburse an employee for relocation expenses incurred in connection with their initial hire by EGSC except under the specific circumstances described in this policy.

An employee hired into the position or level of position designated herein may be reimbursed by EGSC for relocation expenses incurred in connection with their initial hire by EGSC under the following conditions:

    1. The reimbursement complies with 5.3.7 of the Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual;
    2. The individual reimbursed is hired following a nationally advertised search process for a Cabinet level position;
    3. The reimbursement amount is discretionary, dependent on available EGSC funds, and will not exceed $6,000 for an out of state relocation or $2,000 for an in state move of greater than 200 miles from EGSC; and
    4. The president of EGSC approves. Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the President.

The original written offer of employment will state the specific reimbursement amount. The employee must submit receipts for actual expenses of moving household goods and personal effects to the EGSC Business Office for reimbursement. Relocation expenses that are generally not subject to tax withholding are moving household goods and personal effects, traveling, including lodging but not meals, from the employee’s former home to the new home by the shortest and most direct route. In general, all other relocation expenses reimbursed to the employee are subject to tax withholding and reported as taxable wages.