(This policy applies to STAFF employees only; Faculty employees see Faculty Handbook)

Adopted by President’s Cabinet 3/26/19

Regular employees, after completing the provisional period of employment, will be eligible for promotion to a higher position within the college. Salary advancements and promotions are based on merit. Whenever practical, vacancies are filled by the promotion of current qualified employees. A promotion is the shift of an employee from one position to another having more responsible duties or involving more skill (higher classification). This can be accomplished through normal line progression after gaining additional knowledge and expertise, or through application for an open position. To be eligible for promotion, an employee must meet the qualifications required by the open position and must follow the application procedures as outlined in the advertisement for the position. When positions become available, Human Resources will post a notice internally or externally on the Human Resources webpage and may advertise in other recruitment sources.

Promotional salary increases are contingent upon the availability of funds and must be approved by the appropriate supervisor and the Vice President for Business Affairs. Promotional salary increases must be managed within the established institutional salary budget. It is important to note that almost every promotion is unique and factors affecting them will vary. Common factors to consider are: 

    • Number of salary levels promoted
    • Salaries of current employees in the same or closely related positions

When an employee’s present job is reclassified to a higher grade level, the employee shall be eligible for a promotional increase at the next authorized salary adjustment date or upon special approval by the President.