Adopted by President’s Cabinet 4/28/15

General Safety Procedures:

A complete safety and accident prevention effort calls for the provision and maintenance of safe work areas and proper training and supervision of employees.

Supervisors are directly accountable for safety and accident prevention and have the following responsibilities:

    • Detect and eliminate all physical hazards.
    • Insist on the proper use and maintenance of machines, tools, and equipment. 
    • Insist that employees wear safety devices such as shoes and safety eye glasses and are aware of the inherent dangers in their work.
    • Conduct continuous on-the-job training and make regular checks for unsafe practices
    • Insist on good housekeeping at all times and make frequent inspections. 
    • Conduct prompt and thorough investigations of accidents.

Employees are expected to perform their duties as safely as possible to insure the protection of themselves, their fellow workers and the general public, and to reduce the amount of time lost through injuries or accidents. Unsafe conditions or practices observed by an employee should be reported to the supervisor.