Adopted by the President's Cabinet 10/10/22

East Georgia State College encourages employees to further their education and advancement within the College and the University System. As funds are available, East Georgia State College will recognize regular full-time employees and faculty to attain approved higher degrees from an accredited institution. Employees must submit their planned degree program, including justification, for approval to Human Resources after obtaining approval from their Cabinet level supervisor and before starting work toward the degree. To be eligible to receive the following increases in salary for earning degrees, the degree earned must be in a field that supports the mission of East Georgia State College. The Office of Human Resources will issue written approval for the chosen degree path when approved. Employees are eligible for only one payment at each degree level.

Work on degrees, as mentioned above, should not occur during the employee's regular working hours. If work schedule adjustments are made to accommodate certain classes, the employee must make up lost hours or hours must be reported as annual leave. Failure to adhere to this requirement could result in the loss of eligibility for payment.     

After completing the degree, employees must present official transcripts and a copy of the diploma within 60 days of their award to the Office of Human Resources. 

Increases in salary for faculty as a result of degree completion will be reviewed by the Provost and VP for Academic and Student Affairs and VP for Business Affairs and approved by the President as part of the budgeting process. Authorized adjustments will take effect at the beginning of the academic year (August 1).  

Increases in salary for staff will be reviewed by the VP for Business Affairs and approved by the President. Adjustments will take effect at the beginning of the pay period following approval. The Office of Human Resources will notify the employee and the employee's department manager of approval and the disbursement date that will reflect the increase. 

Degrees in progress or recently completed degrees must be submitted for approval within 60 days of the adoption of this procedure or within 60 days of hire to be eligible for payment. Only current employees are eligible for payment.

Completion of Degrees

Associate Degree $1,000
Bachelor's Degree $1,500
Master's Degree $2,000
Specialist Degree $2,250
Doctorate $2,500