Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee: 11/10/20
Adopted by Faculty Senate: 1/13/21
Adopted by President: 1/15/21
Adopted by President's Cabinet: 1/26/21

  1. Students who leave a USG school and return to a USG school without having satisfied their Learning Support requirements in the interim are admitted to the college under one of the following conditions:
    • The must first be enrolled in all required Learning Support courses and paired collegiate courses before they can register for other courses. They must be continuously enrolled in co-requisite Learning Support courses until they have passed the college-level courses.

      In the event that a required learning-support/college-level course pair is not available, a student may enroll in one or more unrelated courses for degree credit (if the student has met the course prerequisites). This option requires written approval from the college President (or from the college official to whom the President has delegated that authority).
    • They may opt out of Learning Support requirements through reevaluation or by taking a placement exam. If placed in co-requisite Learning Support after reevaluation or taking a placement exam, students must continuously enroll in co-requisite Learning Support courses until they have met the Learning Support requirements.
  2. Time spent in Learning Support courses in a disciplinary area is cumulative within the USG. Students who leave a USG school for any reason may be admitted to another USG school without Learning Support requirements if they have met one of the following conditions:
    • They have completed the required Learning Support coursework at another USG institution (Their completion of Learning Support requirements must be documented on their college transcript.)
    • They have earned transferable credit at a regionally-accredited, non-USG institution for an Area A English course (for completion of the English Learning Support requirement) or an Area A mathematics course (for completion of the Mathematics Learning Support requirement). *USG receiving institutions will decide whether to grant Area A credit for courses taken elsewhere. Provided that native and transfer students are treated equally, institutions may impose additional reasonable expectations, such as a minimum grade of "C" in Area A courses.
    • They were exempt from Learning Support requirements during their previous attendance period.

This policy follows the BoR Policy Manual 3.3.7, Learning Support Programs, 2.9.1 Administrative Procedures for Learning Support Programs.