Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee: 12/11/20
Adopted by Faculty Senate: 1/13/21
Adopted by President: 1/15/21
Adopted by President's Cabinet: 1/26/21

This policy is designed to protect all East Georgia State College students and their contacts from vaccine-preventable diseases and to ensure compliance with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Immunization Policy.

The minimum immunization requirements for all University System of Georgia colleges and universities are established by the Georgia Board of Regents. Specific institutions, with the concurrence of their presidents and the Chancellor, may require some immunizations not required for all new students by this policy. Institutions are also authorized to impose additional immunization requirements for students when, in the opinion of the president of the institution with the concurrence of the Chancellor and appropriate public health authorities, there is a substantial risk of exposure to other communicable diseases preventable by vaccination (BOR Minutes, 1990-91, p. 114).

All entering East Georgia State College students are required to provide East Georgia State College with a Certificate of Immunization prior to the start of the term in which they are entering. The Certificate of Immunization will be kept on file and will be valid throughout the concurrent enrollment of the student. Any lapse in enrollment of two concurrent semesters or more may require the student to provide updated documentation of the immunization requirements set forth by the Board of Regents. Students may be exempt to provide documentation of immunizations under the following conditions:

    1. Religion exemption - Immunization(s) as required by the University System of Georgia is in conflict to the student's religious beliefs.
    2. Military exemption - the student is currently or was previously active military within the past two years [Proof of military service must be provided].
    3. Distance learning - the student is enrolling in Online Only courses.
    4. Permanent or Temporary Immunization exemption - the student is certified by a physician who determined the student cannot be immunized because of medical reasons.

If a student claims an exemption under Religious or Distance Learning, he/she is subject to the following:

    1. Religious exemption - subject to exclusion in the event of an outbreak of a disease for which immunization is required.
    2. Distance learning - subject to having exemption void if the student registers for a course that is offered on-campus or at a campus managed facility, and the student will be excluded from the course until documentation is provided for proof of immunization.

All students living in any East Georgia State College owned or operated Residence Halls must provide additional proof of immunization for the meningococcal bacteria that causes Meningitis.

Key Term

    • Immunization - The process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against a disease-causing agent (known as the immunogen), especially by vaccination.
    • Exemption - the process of freeing or state of being free from an obligation or liability imposed.

This policy follows the BoR Policy Manual of 4.8.2 Immunization Requirement for Students.