Adopted by Faculty Senate 9-19-14
Adopted by President 9-23-14
Effective Spring 2015

Definition of Terms for the Purpose of These Procedures

Suspension: A temporary separation from an institution. A suspension may be for (a) a specified period of time or (b) indefinite. Upon expiration of the specified period of suspension, the student is eligible to re-enroll. A student under indefinite suspension must petition for reinstatement to the president of the institution.

Dismissal: A permanent separation of the student from the institution. A student who is dismissed is not eligible to return to the institution.


The following procedures should be applied for students seeking academic renewal at East Georgia State College:

  1. All previously attempted coursework continues to be recorded on the student’s official transcript.
    1. Renewal GPA is begun when the student resumes taking coursework following approval for Academic Renewal.
    2. The Academic Renewal GPA will be used for determining academic standing and eligibility for graduation.
      1. To earn a degree, a student must meet East Georgia State College’s residency requirements after acquiring Academic Renewal status.
      2. At least 50% of work toward a degree must be completed after the granting of Academic Renewal status for a student to be eligible for honors at graduation.
    3. Academic credit for previously completed coursework, including transfer coursework, will be retained only for courses in which a grade of A, B or C has been earned.
      1. Retained grades are not calculated in a Renewal GPA. Such credit is considered in the same context as transfer credit, credit by exam, and courses with grades of “S”.
      2. Courses with grades of D or F must be repeated at East Georgia State College if they are required in the student’s degree program. Further, all remaining courses for the current degree objective must be completed at East Georgia State College, i.e. no transient credit will be accepted.
      3. Applicability of retained credit to degree requirements will be determine by the degree requirements in effect at the time Academic Renewal status is conferred on the student. All other East Georgia State College institutional program regulations must also be met.
  2. A student can be granted Academic Renewal status only one time. 
  3. Transfer Credit Procedures
    1. Suspended/dismissed students: a student who has been suspended or dismissed from a USG institution and has attended one or more USG institutions during the period of suspension/dismissal is not eligible for Academic Renewal.
    2. Non-suspended/dismissed students: a student who has not been suspended or dismissed from a USG institution but who has been absent from that institution five years or more and who has attended a school other than that institution may choose only one of the following options:
      1. The student may return to the same institution subject to all relevant transfer and re-entry policies. No renewal GPA is calculated, and transfer credit will be granted for applicable courses taken during the absence.
      2. The student may apply for Academic Renewal. If Academic Renewal is approved, no transfer credit will be granted for coursework completed during the absence
  4. Any scholastic suspensions that occurred in the past at East Georgia State College shall remain recorded on the student’s permanent record. If a suspension (either first or second) is on the record and the student encounters subsequent academic difficulty after having been granted Academic Renewal, the next suspension subjects the student to dismissal.
  5. If a student does not request Academic Renewal status at the time of re-enrollment after a five year or greater period of absence, the student may do so within three semesters of re-enrollment or within one calendar year, whichever comes first.
  6. The Renewal GPA begins with the semester following re-enrollment at East Georgia State College.
  7. Re-entry into any program is not automatic.
  8. If a student is denied Academic Renewal and subsequently does not re-enroll, he/she may resubmit an Academic Renewal applications after no fewer than three semesters have passed since the initial petition.
  9. A student seeking Academic Renewal at East Georgia State College must complete an Academic Renewal form and meet with an academic advisor.
  10. The granting of Academic Renewal does not supersede financial aid policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  11. The granting of Academic Renewal does not supersede the admission requirements of certain programs, e.g. teacher education and nursing, which require a specific minimum grade point average based upon all coursework.
  12. Any currently enrolled student who has experienced an interrupted three year (or longer) period of nonattendance at the institution in which he/she is currently enrolled, may apply for an Academic Renewal GPA.
    1. For currently enrolled students, there is a one year “window of opportunity” for requesting Academic Renewal status commencing with the effective date of this policy.
    2. The Academic Renewal GPA will include all coursework taken since re-enrollment.
    3. Grade Average Upon Academic Renewal
      Undergraduate students who are either returning to a USG institution or are transferring to a USG institution may be eligible for Academic Renewal. Academic Renewal for the student signals the initiation of a new grade point average to be used for determining academic standing. This provision allows USG degree-seeking students who earlier experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start and have one final opportunity to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree (Source: BoR Policy Manual 3.5.3; BoR Minutes, June 1995; Aug. 2014).