Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 11/10/15 
Adopted by Faculty Senate 12/11/15 
Adopted by President 4/1/16 
Revisions Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 4/20/20 
Revisions Adopted by Faculty Senate 4/24/20
Revisions Adopted by President 5/2/20 

Full-time academic-year (10-month) faculty are under contract from the beginning of the academic year (August 1) until spring term graduation. Summer teaching is voluntary. Faculty members may request to teach during the designated summer sessions. Availability of classes is dependent upon student need as determined by the vice president of academic and student affairs and the deans. Assignment of classes is determined by seniority as outlined in the policy on following page of this Manual. 

Summer school pay is calculated using a per-credit-hour rate which is provided annually by the vice president for business affairs at the time of final budget approval by the USG. The vice president for academic and student affairs informs the faculty at the beginning of the fall term of the pay rate for the following summer prior to the development of the summer school schedule. 

Faculty teaching in summer school will receive the per-credit-hour rate for a full class. A full class is defined as a class with 18 enrolled students at the end of the schedule adjustment period. Compensations for classes with fewer than 18 students will be pro-rated based on enrollment. The pay will be calculated by dividing the enrollment of the class by 18 and multiplying by the per-credit-hour rate. The part-time faculty pay will be pro-rated at 9 students. 

The full-time faculty pay rate is used for the first eight credit hours. Faculty teaching more than eight hours will be paid at the part-time faculty per-credit-hour rate. The maximum teaching load for full-time faculty in the summer as prescribed by the USG is 9-10 credit hours. 

Faculty must decide whether to teach a pro-rated class to which they have been assigned. Faculty members are given preliminary enrollment and pay information on the last working day prior to the first day of classes. The total pay for each class will be calculated the day after the schedule adjustment period. 

Any special exceptions to this policy are approved by the vice president for academic and student affairs based on the needs of the students and the institution.