New Student Orientation is East Georgia State’s official student orientation program. EGSC has designed a mandatory, virtual Orientation experience as the first step in joining the EGSC community! Online orientation introduces participants to the services at East Georgia, answer questions, provide guidance, as well as offering students a reference point for access to information at any time.  

Because orientation can make a significant difference in a student's success and persistence in college, students should visit the online orientation as often as needed to ensure a successful transition and integration into college life at EGSC. Family members are welcome to also review the information with you. After completion of the orientation modules, you should:

    • Gain a better understanding of the personal and financial responsibilities of attending college
    • Learn about campus services, activities, academic resources, and the college experience 
    • Learn about completing college business, such as getting your CatCard, talking to Housing, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, etc
    • Find ways to get involved on campus
    • Understand what is expected of you as a student at EGSC

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