Adopted by President’s Cabinet 7-25-17

HB 280 prohibits the carrying of weapons in courses in which high school students are enrolled. In order to comply with HB 280 concerning campus carry laws, the following procedure will be implemented by EGSC:

    1. An ARGOS report identifying courses containing registered high school students will be made available to the institution’s point of contact.
    2. The East Georgia State College Registrar, or designee, will be the primary institutional Point of Contact (POC) for information concerning campus carry.
    3. The Director of the Statesboro Center and Director of the Augusta Center, or designees, will be the local POC at each respective campus.
    4. Students desiring to determine if their course schedule permits campus carry will be directed to the POC at each campus for information.
    5. It is the responsibility of the weapons carrier to determine the permissibility of weapons carry in each course for which they are registered.
    6. The weapons carrier should be reminded, course enrollment is fluid and may change regularly, therefore, the weapons carrier should check regularly with the POC to determine approved carry courses.
    7. Faculty interested in learning which of their courses disallow the carrying of weapons may contact the POC for this information.
    8. See EGSC Weapons and Explosives Policy