Adopted by President’s Cabinet 10/23/18

Policy Statement:

EGSC is committed to operating with integrity and responsibility. Central to this mission is a commitment to compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, Board of Regents policies and college policies. Every EGSC employee has a role in keeping this commitment.

Compliance Responsibility and Compliance Calendar Structure:

Employees are vested with responsibility for compliance and risk management, commensurate with that individual’s specific job responsibilities. A responsible employee will ensure that he/she is familiar with the policies and procedures, complete all required training assignments, and follow the USG code of ethics. Unit heads will take reasonable steps to ensure that all employees in the unit are familiar and compliant with all applicable rules, policies, regulations and laws. Where applicable, the unit head will ensure that other individuals (contractors, etc.) working or conducting EGSC business are also familiar and in compliance with the applicable rules, policies, regulations and laws. Responsibility for specific compliance duties may be delegated by the unit head to an individual employee reporting to him or her. Delegation of responsibility does not relieve the unit head of his/her obligation to ensure compliance. Compliance activities for each unit are noted on unit compliance calendars and published on the college’s Policies and Procedures page. Unit heads are responsible for at least annual updates to the compliance calendars.

The unit head will address non-compliance issues when discovered. If immediate attention is needed to address a non-compliance issue, the concerns will be directed to the Legal Counsel/Chief of Staff who serves as the Risk Management Coordinator. Unit heads will coordinate compliance/risk management activities within the units reporting to him or her and bring any related concerns to Risk Management Coordinator.

Unit Risk Assessments:

At least annually, as part of the college’s strategic planning process, the unit heads will submit risk assessments used to compile a college wide risk assessment report. Per USG policy, the college will identify priority risks and develop targeted action plans to effectively manage and mitigate risk. Significant risks will be reported to the USG as required.