11.12 Telephone, Equipment, and Software Utilization

Prompt, courteous answers to telephone calls and voice mail messages are very important. Telephone manners should always reflect a professional demeanor. College telephone lines must be kept clear for business use. Personal calls during business hours should be limited and, whenever possible, made during the employee's lunch period. Except in the case of an anticipated emergency, personal cell phones should be on mute or vibrate so as not to disturb others or interfere with work. Excessive personal telephone use will result in disciplinary action. Personal long distance calls may not be charged to the College, as this constitutes a misuse of state funds. Other college equipment, such as fax machines and e-mail are also for college business only. Employees are expected to comply with the Information Technology Policies and Procedures found on the EGSC intranet and use their college assigned electronic mail account responsibly and in compliance with state and federal laws. All employees shall use software only in accordance with EGSC’s license agreements. Any duplication of copyrighted software is a violation of federal law and EGSC policy. Questions regarding software policies for the college may be directed to the Office of Information and Instructional Technology.


Local calls are placed by dialing 9 followed by the phone number. Official long distance calls should be placed by dialing 9, the area code, and the phone number. Calls placed to the general East Georgia State College phone line after 5:00 p.m. are answered by the library staff. A directory of commonly called campus telephone numbers is available in the appendix.