Updated Approval by President’s Cabinet 8/9/23


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the procurement, installation, and use of software and applications at East Georgia State College. This policy aims to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of East Georgia State College data, prevent security incidents, and protect East Georgia State College's technology assets.


This policy applies to all East Georgia State College employees, contractors, students, and anyone who uses East Georgia State College's computing resources. This policy covers all software and applications used at East Georgia State College, whether they are installed on university-owned or personal devices.


    1. Software and application procurement:
      1. East Georgia State College will acquire software and applications from reputable vendors, and only after a thorough evaluation of their features, compatibility, licensing, and security requirements.
      2. All software and application purchases must be approved by East Georgia State College's IT department or designated authority.
      3. East Georgia State College will ensure compliance with all software licensing agreements and copyright laws.
    2. Software and application installation:
      1. Only authorized personnel may install software and applications on college-owned devices.
      2. All software and applications must be installed from a trusted source, and users must verify the authenticity and integrity of the software before installation.
      3. Users must not modify, tamper with, or delete any software or application files, libraries, or configurations without prior approval from the IT department.
    3. Software and application use:
      1. Users must use software and applications only for their intended purposes and in compliance with East Georgia State College's policies, procedures, and applicable laws.
      2. Users must not share software or applications with unauthorized individuals or install them on personal devices without prior approval from the IT department.
      3. Users must report any software or application-related security incidents or vulnerabilities to the IT department promptly.
    4. Software and application updates and patches:
      1. The IT department will manage the installation of software and application updates and patches to ensure the security and stability of East Georgia State College's computing resources.
      2. Users must not delay or refuse to install critical software or application updates or patches.
    5. Non-compliance:
      1. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to revocation of access to university computing resources, termination of employment or enrollment, and legal action.
      2. Users must report any suspected or actual non-compliance with this policy to the IT department or designated authority.
    6. Exceptions:
      1. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the VP for Information Technology Services or designated authority.


The IT department or designated authority will enforce this policy and monitor compliance. East Georgia State College reserves the right to modify this policy as needed to ensure the effective use of computing resources and the protection of EGSC data and assets.