Adopted by President’s Cabinet 11/26/2013; updated 8/18/22

Physical Space is one of the scarcest resources on campus.  Plant Operations is charged with the effective management of space utilization in campus facilities.  The Director of Plant Operations, or assigned designee, shall assign all space (offices, work rooms, conference rooms, public spaces) based on the College’s needs and best interests.

Once space has been assigned to a department or unit, the Vice President, Director or Associate Vice Presidents of said department shall determine the best utilization of individual offices within that space.  Vice Presidents, Directors and Associate Vice Presidents shall assign individual offices to their subordinates, and Plant Operations shall be notified of changes within the assigned space prior to the changes taking place. 

Renovations by individuals to campus facilities are prohibited.  Movement or removal of campus furniture and furnishings is prohibited.   Requests for renovations, the movement of existing furnishings or for new furnishings shall be forwarded to the Plant Operations.