Adopted by the President’s Cabinet 3/26/19

Transfers must be based on mutual agreement between departments or can be between institutions of the university system. A departmental transfer is the shift of an employee from one position to another of the same classification or to one with comparable skills and in the same general pay range.

Upon movement of an employee between institutions of the university system, accumulated sick leave, retirement, and other applicable benefits and service continuity will be transferred if there is no actual break in service. Use or transfer of accrued vacation leave will be based upon mutual agreement of the institutions involved and in accordance with the Board of Regents’ policies. Employees transferring to East Georgia State College who have more than twenty days of accrued vacation leave at another USG institution may request their departing institution to either transfer the total accrued leave not to exceed forty-five days or make payment for accrued vacation leave greater than twenty days, but not to exceed twenty-five days.