Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/19/17

Employees who resign for any reason should give their supervisor and the Human Resources Office as much notice as possible. Written notice is expected. The expected notice is two weeks but a shorter time may be permissible. The supervisor may designate an earlier date of final employment. The employee and supervisor can agree in writing to a longer or shorter period of time. Immediately upon receipt of notice of resignation, whether written or verbal, the supervisor should provide written acceptance of the resignation, including the date of final employment, to the employee. The supervisor should provide a copy of the employee’s resignation letter and the supervisor’s acceptance letter to Human Resources. An employee who resigns with proper notice is entitled to all benefits due.

The supervisor is not obligated to allow an employee to rescind the resignation.

Human Resources shall coordinate with the relevant unit heads to identify all property and equipment, using the access termination notification procedure, including institutional keys, issued to the employee and ensure that it is collected prior to his or her last date of employment.

The employee will receive his/her final pay check or direct deposit with the normal payroll period that coincides with his/her termination date. Accrued vacation/annual leave up to the maximum accumulation as outlined in policy shall be paid to the employee in accordance with the institutional payroll policy.

The college will issue the required Department of Labor Separation Notice, provide information on the employee’s rights regarding benefits continuation under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1986, and provide any other information regarding the conversion of benefits not covered by COBRA.