Purpose of Handbook

The East Georgia State College Employee Handbook contains general policies and procedures of the college and the University System of Georgia that applies to all East Georgia State College faculty and staff employees. Student employees are directed to the East Georgia State College Student Employment Handbook for applicable policies and procedures. Employees are also directed to the following sources for additional applicable policies that may apply:

EGSC policies are subject to review and change by the Board of Regents and the administration of the college. Employees are directed to the Policies and Procedures of the College webpage for subsequent revisions of this handbook and for the most current versions of all college policies.

The Employee Handbook is not to be interpreted as a contract of employment nor does it guarantee the right to employment. Georgia is an employment-at-will state. Per Board of Regent’s policy, East Georgia State College policy must fall within the minimum standards set forth in the Bylaws and Policies of the Board of Regents. However, as permissible by the Board of Regents, East Georgia State College policy may be stricter than Board of Regents policy provided that the resulting policy remains does not violate Board of Regents policy, Bylaws, or state or federal law. In the absence of an East Georgia State College Policy, the applicable Board of Regent’s policy shall govern. Interpretations and enforcement of policies in this handbook shall be the responsibility of the Vice President for Business Affairs.

An effort has been made to avoid duplicating information otherwise available in other East Georgia State College publications, such as the Policies and Procedures of the College, the Staff Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, the East Georgia State College Statutes, the EGSC Business Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual, the Student Employment Handbook and various benefits booklets. Benefit booklets are issued by the Human Resources Office to all new employees.

Any questions concerning information in this handbook should be directed to your supervisor or to the Human Resources Office.

The Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office, located in the Luck Flanders Gambrell building, functions to serve the best interests of both the employees and East Georgia State College. The Vice President for Business Affairs and her/his staff are responsible for implementing college personnel policies, recruiting, position classification, wage and salary administration, orientation, training, employee records, and benefits. If you need information or guidance, please contact the Human Resources Office for assistance.