Adopted by President’s Cabinet 8/25/15
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 1/22/19

To supplement work-life balance options for East Georgia State College employees, each full-time, nontemporary employee of the college shall be eligible for up to eight hours of paid leave per calendar year to participate in activities related to student achievement and academic support that promote education in this state. Education support leave will be available to all eligible employees, both parents of students and non-parents, and may be considered for activities supporting public, private and home school activities. Activities can range from early care and learning through higher education. Each employee must receive prior approval from his or her supervisor for education support leave activities and submit a leave request in the time management system. EGSC reserves the discretion to require written authorization from a school administrator, teacher or other official prior to approval. EGSC maintains discretion to approve or deny requests for education support leave based on operational needs, or other reasons, such as conduct, attendance or unsatisfactory work performance.

Employees must not receive pay for services they perform while using education support leave. Education support leave may not be used for political purposes or agendas.

Activities that may be included under this policy include: 

    • Attend parent – teacher conferences
    • Participate in classroom activities such as reading to a class or presenting on career day
    • Tutor students without receiving compensation
    • Proctor examinations
    • Attend award and recognition ceremonies or graduation exercises
    • Participate in field day or field trips
    • Attend open house

Education support leave is not charged against any other leave. Education support leave does not accumulate or rollover and is not paid out upon change of employment status or transfer to another USG institution.