Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/20/16

An EGSC employee or career employee who upon his/her separation of employment from the University System of Georgia meets the criteria for retirement as set forth in BOR Retirement Policy or has been approved for a certified waiver in regard to the continuous service requirement under the policy, shall remain eligible to continue as a member of the basic and dependent group life insurance and health benefits plans. The USG Vice Chancellor for Human Resources shall have the authority to waive the requirements regarding continuous service with the USG as it relates to the eligibility to receive benefits provided by the Board of Regents. Eligible employees must complete and submit a Continuous Services Waiver Request Form to the East Georgia State College Director of Human Resources for review and determination of eligibility. The Director of Human Resources will review the waiver application for the purposes of certifying eligibility. Documentation for the eligible employees will be forwarded to the President for review and the President will make a recommendation to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources will submit the approved waiver request to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources. At the conclusion of the review process, the Vice Chancellor will notify the President and the Director of Human Resources of the final determination. The Director of Human Resources will notify the employee of the final USG approval or denial. The decision of the Vice Chancellor is final and cannot be appealed.

Benefit information, applications for retirement and waiver forms are available in the Human Resources Office.