Adopted by President’s Cabinet 3/26/19
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 2/22/22

Staff employees and 12-month faculty working one-half time or more earn annual leave in accordance with the following schedule based on full-time equivalency:

    • One and one-fourth working days per month (ten hours) for one to five years of continuous employment
    • One and one-half working days per month (twelve hours) for five to ten years of continuous employment
    • One and three-fourths working days per month (fourteen hours) for ten or more years of continuous employment

In all cases, a day of annual leave will be computed for purposes of pay and time off on the basis of the employee’s regular workday. Annual leave is not considered accrued until the end of each month and may not be used until accrued. Leave taken before the last working day of a month will be considered as leave without pay if annual leave was not carried forward from the previous month.

Regular employees who work one-half time or more but less than full-time shall earn and accrue annual leave prorated on the basis of full-time employment.

Vacation/Annual leave shall be accrued based on the initial employment date of an employee. A new hire must be employed on or before the fifteenth of a month to qualify for accrual of vacation/annual leave for that month. An employee who terminates on or after the fifteenth of a month shall accrue vacation/annual leave for that month.

The maximum accrual of annual leave is forty-five (45) days. On December 31 of each year, each employee’s leave record will be adjusted to show not more than forty-five days accrual.

The college reserves the right to require that employees take annual leave in conjunction with a holiday shutdown period or an officially declared shutdown period. Employees not having accrued vacation leave to cover such periods will be charged to leave without pay.

Any annual leave taken by employees must be at times mutually acceptable to the employees and their supervisors.

A vacation/annual leave request should normally be submitted and approved via OneUSG Connect three days prior to the taking of vacation/annual leave.

All unused annual leave (not to exceed forty-five days) will be paid to the employee upon termination of employment. Terminating employees will not accrue annual leave after the last day of their employment.

Temporary employees and regular employees working less than one-half time do not earn annual leave or sick leave.

No employee will be allowed to take leave without pay unless all annual leave has been exhausted.