Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 3/27/18; AE 7/26/22
Adopted by President’s Cabinet 1/30/18

The East Georgia State College Brand

We are stronger when we speak as one.

When the diverse individual parts of our institution associate their unique strengths with those of their peers through a consistent, coordinated use of the college's identity, together we increase our reputation for excellence and protect the integrity of our academic and public engagement missions.

Graphic Standards


The purpose of the Identity standards is to identify acceptable college word marks, logos and seal and clarify appropriate and accurate usage of the trademark images on college letterhead, business cards, internal publications, apparel and promotional items. The goal of the standards is to ensure coordinated, consistent use of the trademark images so as to portray a uniform and distinct visual brand for East Georgia State College (EGSC) in all applications. This guide is designed to maintain and strengthen East Georgia State College's visual identity program, further promote the college's excellent reputation, and creative positive public awareness and support.

Monitoring of Trademark Images

The East Georgia State College trademarks are the property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and four (4) logos are registered in the United States Patent  and  Trademark  Office. The Board of Regents guidelines govern how the trademarks can be used and East Georgia State College is responsible for monitoring and controlling the use of the marks. The East Georgia State College Office of Institutional Advancement monitors and approves the logos for on and off-campus individuals, departments and organizations promoting the college in print publications and electronic media, including the World Wide Web.

Prior Approval for Use is Required

All individuals, departments and organizations desiring to use the EGSC name, logo and/
or trademark, must obtain prior approval from the Office of Institutional Advancement. Additionally, the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations must sign all departmental and purchasing card requests involving any of EGSC’s logos, including all printed materials, publications and promotional items to acknowledge that approval for use is granted.

The Trademarks

East Georgia State College is represented by several different trademarks:

    1. The College Name Wordmark (Registered): The approved college name word mark is the two lined EAST GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE images shown below. To strengthen the college's identity, the abbreviation "EGSC" should not be used in publications, ads, websites or other media unless the words "East Georgia State College" appears in close proximity.
      EGSC Logo Wordmark

    2. EGSC Logo (Registered): Used alone or in combination with the name of the college.
      Circle Logo

    3. EGSC Seal (Trademarked): Reserved for official documents (diplomas, proclamations, etc.,) and publications such as President's letterhead, stationery and invitations. Permission to use the seal in any other application must be approved by the Office of the President.

    4. EGSC Athletic Logos: The East Georgia State College athletic logos are represented by several different marks which are reserved for use by and in support of Bobcat teams and events, including the primary mark, the secondary marks, and the word marks. The athletic logos should not be used in place of the official college logo to promote college academic programs.
        1. Bobcat head only - PRIMARY MARK. (Registered)
          Athletics Logo Bobcat Head

        2. Bobcat with Banner - PRIMARY MARK. (Registered)
          Athletics Logo Bobcat Banner

        3. Bobcat paw prints (use only with primary athletic mark)
          Athletic Logo Paws
    5. Secondary Images: These are images used in conjunction with the college logo. Only academic schools or college units and programs which have a significant public service mission or public visibility may seek approval to develop an individual secondary image, which must also be used in conjunction with the college logo. All requests for authorization to develop and use a secondary image must be submitted electronically using the online PR Request for Services, along with a copy of the proposed secondary image, to the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations. The request will be reviewed and a decision rendered within 5 business days. Secondary images do not replace the college logo as the primary means of individual identification and must be used in tandem with the college logo on all unit publications, ads and other printed and electronic communication. ALL four of the secondary marks for the bachelor's degrees (below) will be deleted upon teach out of the respective programs.
biology logo nursing logo
FESA Logo long FESA Logo tall
Fulford Center Logo


General Rules for Use of EGSC’s Logos and Marks:
    1. The logos and marks must only be used exactly as provided in the camera ready or digital art with no change in position. The logo should not be cut apart and reassembled, supplemented with other elements, and logotype should not be altered. Text must not appear behind, over or through the official logos.
    2. Use only camera ready or digital art provided by the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations. Do not reproduce images from publications.
    3. EGSC’s logos may not be used to promote or imply endorsement of non-college activities. 
    4. EGSC’s athletic marks are reserved for the use of the athletics department and its entities. These marks may be used by other departments, organizations or individuals only to demonstrate support for East Georgia State College’s athletic programs and student events. 
    5. The registration mark ® is included on registered College trademarks.
    6. Any use must be consistent with or supportive of the mission of the college.

Guidelines for Campus Use

Stationary, Envelopes and Business Cards: These identify faculty, staff, units and programs as official representatives of East Georgia State College. All stationery, business cards, envelopes, memo pads, routing slips, fax cover sheets, large envelopes, brochures, invitations, mailing and address labels and signage are standardized to ensure that East Georgia State College's official image is always presented in a consistent manner. No “homemade” stationary or business cards may be produced or distributed by photocopying. In cases where the length or title of a department or other factors create spacing problems, contact the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations for assistance in making adjustments for the official layout. Secondary images may be incorporated into the official letterhead design with the assistance of the Office of Institutional Advancement. All signage must be ordered through Facilities.

Students and student groups may not use official college stationery or business cards; Alternate designs are available for those with an approved need for items bearing college or athletic marks. Authorization must be obtained from the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations for each use.

Campus Use of Marks for Other Purposes

College units and official student organizations may create and purchase items bearing the trademarks for internal use. Design approval must be granted by the Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Relations prior to production and/or purchase. In most cases, the group will not be required to obtain a license agreement. However, if the college marked items are for resale to a general audience, a license agreement and royalty payment will be required. Items purchased for use by group members only, items purchased or produced to be given away (as long as they are purchased from a licensed supplier) and items produced as part of a class project do not require a license agreement.

Web Use

All standards for printing the college and athletic marks also apply to their use on the World Wide Web.

Board of Regents Policy (6.2)

The name, logo, or trademark of any University System of Georgia (USG) institution may only be used for products, projects, events, and services officially sponsored by the USG or a USG Institution. The name, logo, or trademark of any USG institution shall not be used by an independent business enterprise that is not under the complete control of the  USG,  excluding  approved  Cooperative  Organizations,  to  imply  an  official relationship with the institution or USG.

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy prohibits the use of any East Georgia State College name, trademark, or logo in connection with alcoholic beverages; religious services, goods or artifacts; sexually-oriented devices or goods; toilet seats and the like; burial items; and unfavorable references to race, sex, national origin, or handicap of any person. Any use must be consistent with or supportive of the mission of the college.

Official Colors

East Georgia State College's primary colors are gold and green.

Gold Green


CMYK 0/22/87/36
RGB 163/127/20
HEX #A37F14

EGSC Green

CMYK 83/19/73/58
RGB 2/73/48
HEX #024930

Official Font for Stationary, Envelopes and Business Cards