Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 6/5/17
Adopted by Faculty Senate 6/16/17
Adopted by President’s Cabinet 6/27/17

Military or Joint Services Transcripts (JST) will be evaluated for general course equivalency based on the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines by the Director of Admissions. The ACE Military Guide presents recommendations for formal courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military. All recommendations are based on ACE reviews conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively teaching in the areas they review. New courses and occupations are continually being evaluated by ACE, and these entries are added on a daily basis. The Guide includes all evaluated courses and occupations from 1954 to the present.

The courses that will receive ACE evaluated credit without prior approval are as follows:

Military Science I 2 credit hours General Electives Area F
Military Science II 2 credit hours General Electives Area F
Physical Education courses 1 credit hour Additional Institutional Hours
First Aid 1 credit hour Additional Institutional Hours
Public Speaking 3 credit hours Additional Institutional Hours
Business Communication 3 credit hours Guided Electives Area F Business Administration or General Electives Area F


Coursework beyond those mentioned above will be sent to the dean(s) for approval before articulating credit into the student’s academic record. The Military Learning Articulation Form will be completed by the admissions office and sent to the dean(s) with the ACE suggested course credit and the EGSC equivalent suggestion for review and approval or denial. This form will be completed by the appropriate Dean/s for each course that equivalency credit is being requested. Once the dean(s) signs off on the suggested credit approval or denial, the completed form will be sent to the Admissions department. Upon receipt of the form, the approved coursework will be recorded in the student’s academic history. Processed forms will be scanned and indexed to the student’s electronic folder.