Adopted by President’s Cabinet 9/2/21


No person will subject a student or prospective student to an activity which endangers or is likely to endanger the physical health of a student; or coerces the student through the use of social or physical pressure to consume any food, liquid, alcohol, drug, or other substance which subjects the student to a likely risk of vomiting, intoxication, or unconsciousness regardless of a student's willingness to participate in such activity.

No person will haze any student in connection with or as a condition or precondition of gaining acceptance, membership, office, or other status in an EGSC association, corporation, order, club, society, fraternity, sorority, athletic team, or a group living together which has students or alumni as its principal members, including local affiliate organizations. Per Georgia state law, “Any person who violates this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature," and East Georgia State College will comply with all reporting requirements per Georgia state law.