Approved by President’s Cabinet 5-24-16

East Georgia State College’s CHOICE Program is a post-secondary inclusive learning program with a community based component for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities that have completed a high school program. The CHOICE program is an individualized program of study comprised of select (not for credit) college courses available to CHOICE students. CHOICE students audit the college courses. In addition, CHOICE students have access to student support services and student activities on campus, including on campus housing, as defined herein.

EGSC fully supports the idea that all students should have the opportunity for a total campus experience that includes on campus housing. Immersion into the college community as a resident student creates a sense of belonging for the student which boosts confidence and creates additional social and learning environments.

EGSC on-campus housing is based on availability and is first come, first served for all students. All students must first gain admission to EGSC and then submit a housing application. Eligibility for housing for CHOICE students will be assessed by the Admissions Committee after review of items including but not limited to: review of application materials, personal interview, GRAFF scale score, and parent/guardian interviews. The Admissions committee consists of the Director of Admissions, Director of CHOICE Program, Director of Student Conduct, Director of Counseling and Disabilities, and the Director of Housing. EGSC reserves the right to ask for additional information during the admissions process, as needed, to assess the applicant’s ability to function independently. To be eligible for on campus housing, CHOICE students must be independently functioning: able to live independently and with the necessary life skills with limited supervision. Essential life skills include, but are not limited to, knowledge and appreciation of danger, knowing when to ask for assistance, ability to access resources to get assistance, possession of interpersonal skills sufficient to share living space, etc.). In addition, CHOICE housing students must be able to administer their own medications and have or arrange for personal transportation for off campus medical or therapeutic appointments. CHOICE students must be able to follow the policies of East Georgia State College and behave respectfully. In an emergency situation, CHOICE students must be able to recognize and respond to emergency situations, take initiative and/or follow emergency response directions.

CHOICE students will be assigned roommates using the same EGSC roommate assignment procedure for all students. CHOICE students will be asked to sign a Consent form allowing the sharing of limited information with the Residence Life Staff: the CHOICE student’s room assignment and roommates.

Additional provisions applicable to all resident students are contained in the Housing Agreement. The Housing Agreement for a CHOICE student must be co-signed by the CHOICE student’s parent or guardian.