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Approved by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 11/10/15
Approved by Faculty Senate 12/11/15
Approved by the President 4/1/16

Semester / Year
Course Prefix & Number: Course Name
(e.g. ENGL1101: Composition I)
Meeting Day(s), Location(s) and Time(s)

    1. Instructor
    2. Office information: Location, Phone, E-Mail, Office Hours
    3. Course Description from EGSC Catalog
    4. Prerequisites
    5. Textbooks: Author, Title, Publisher, and ISBN #
    6. Course Learning Outcomes with linkages to General Education Student Learning Outcomes
    7. Evaluation (i.e. description of how Student Learning Outcomes will be evaluated)
    8. Grading (i.e. how grades will be assessed, including percent of total grade for each major assignment)
    9. Attendance Policy
    10. Make-up Policy
    11. Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty (please see EGSC Student Handbook
    12. ADA Statement
    13. Course Withdrawal Policy Statement: Students are responsible for their own academic progress. Decisions regarding withdrawal from courses should only be made after consultation with an academic advisor. Before withdrawing from a course, students must meet with a Financial Aid representative to discuss their personal financial aid situation. More information regarding withdrawal from courses can be found in the EGSC catalog.
    14. Campus Emergency Policy:
      1. In the event the fire alarm is sounded, everyone must evacuate the building at once and in a calm and orderly fashion, using the nearest exit. In the event of a severe weather warning everyone must proceed immediately to the nearest designated shelter area which are marked by a small tornado symbol. All severe weather shelter locations are posted on the EGSC website. Each student should, on the first day of class, determine the location of the nearest exit and the nearest designated shelter area for each of his or her classrooms. If you have difficulties locating either ask your instructor to assist you.
      2. The Connect-ED system is a communication service that enables East Georgia State College administrators and security personnel to quickly contact all East Georgia State College students, faculty and staff with personalized voice and text messages that contain emergency-related campus information (e.g., campus closing, campus threat, health scare, etc.) With Connect-ED, East Georgia State College students can be reached and provided with vital instructions anywhere, anytime, through their cell phones, home phones, e-mail, TTY/TDD receiving devices, or other text-receiving devices.
      3. EGSC-Statesboro students should make themselves familiar with Georgia Southern University’s Emergency Response Plan. In the event of an emergency, EGSC-Statesboro students should follow the instructions of EGSC faculty and staff members and GSU campus officials.
      4. EGSC-Augusta students should make themselves familiar with Augusta University’s Emergency Response Plan. In the event of an emergency, EGSC-Augusta students should follow the instructions of EGSC faculty and staff members and AU campus officials.
    15. Additional Course Requirements
    16. Daily Course Schedule
    17. Optional Policies
      1. Cell Phones & Electronic Devices
      2. Recording (e.g. audio, video, cell phone pictures)
      3. Classroom Behavior