Adopted by President’s Cabinet May 27, 2021
Revised Policy Adopted by President’s Cabinet April 28, 2015
Adopted by President’s Cabinet October 30, 2012

I. Trip Approval

This policy covers academic and non-academic travel excursions, student club travel and field trips. Study Abroad trips and travel by EGSC athletic teams for competition are not covered by this policy. Travel opportunities sponsored by East Georgia State College must be planned well in advance of the trip date to allow adequate time to obtain prior approvals using the forms referenced herein. The approval process should proceed as follows:

    1. Trip Proposal: The Trip Leader must submit a trip proposal to his/her immediate supervisor. This should be initiated at least 90 days prior to overnight travel in the US. Day trips should be initiated at least 30 days in advance. No contracts for transportation, travel, lodging, event admissions, etc., may be signed, and no advertisements circulated, registration forms or fees collected without first obtaining prior approval for the trip from the President using the procedures outlined in this policy.

      The proposal must include:
        1. a description of the purpose of the trip;
        2. names and duties of the Trip Leader and the chaperones/instructors, include justification for chaperone numbers and selection (see “Chaperone” section)
        3. approved Travel Request for each chaperone by his or her immediate supervisor, 
        4. description of the target audience,
        5. minimum and maximum participant numbers,
        6. academic credit proposal, if applicable,
        7. budget with contingency/emergency fund, (indicate if meal, lodging reimbursement requested; (see “Budget” section)
        8. itinerary with transportation, lodging and event information
        9. all supporting documents for expenses, 
        10. proposed flyer, brochure, and all promotional materials;
        11. draft of the student trip information session (prior to registration); and
        12. copy of materials for the informational meeting(s) and the pre-departure orientation. 
    2. Chaperones: All EGSC employees traveling as a chaperone on an EGSC sponsored student trip must complete a EGSC Travel Request form and obtain prior approval from his/her supervisor to be away from their job. If an hourly employee serves as a chaperone, all overtime, if any, will be paid by the trip budget (not with college funds). Generally, the ratio of chaperones to students is 1:10. Trip Leaders requesting additional chaperones above the 1:10 ratio must provide a written justification addressing the need and special circumstances specific to this trip. Trip leaders should carefully recruit and select EGSC employee chaperones using the information contained below. Student Representative Chaperones (SRC) are EGSC faculty, club advisors and student activities personnel acting as chaperones. SRC’s are experienced trip leaders or chaperones. When selecting chaperons for an EGSC trip, trip leaders should exercise a preference for SRC’s. A SRC will be paid at his/her regular rate while serving as a chaperone and is eligible for meal reimbursement and lodging from the employee’s departmental budget at per diem rates prescribed by the EGSC Travel Policy. An EGSC employee that is not an SRC and is acting as a chaperone or additional chaperones in excess of the recommended 1:10 ratio will be paid at his/her regular rate and is eligible for meal reimbursement and lodging at per diem rates prescribed by the EGSC Travel Policy. If the purpose of the trip serves an educational mission, expenses for these employees may be paid from the trip budget, student affairs budget, or the college’s budget, at the discretion of the President.
    3. Budget: If trip funds are insufficient to cover the trip costs, the following options exist:
      1. Trip may be cancelled;
      2. Trip leader may request that the shortage be paid from the college’s general budget, subject to Presidential approval; or 
      3. Chaperones may pay his/her costs for meals or other expenses in advance.
    4. Trip Proposal Review
      Following immediate supervisor review and approval, the trip proposal will be routed by the Trip Leader to Legal Counsel/Chief of Staff for review and routing. Depending on the nature of the trip, additional approvals from the below departments may be needed as noted herein: 
      • Academic and Student Affairs: for all non-academic student travel, club travel, etc.; academic credit approval and approval of faculty or Dean Trip Leader, instructor/chaperone • Institutional Advancement: student fundraisers, EGSC Foundation
      • Business Affairs: review of budget, student club accounts, trip fees, tuition, travel, transportation, travel contracts, reimbursement requests
      • Legal Affairs: (Mary Smith) waivers, emergency forms, FERPA, travel contracts for lodging, transportation, travel activities, etc.

        After each unit reviews the trip proposal, any additional information, requirements, denials or approvals will be noted on the Trip Approval Form by Chief of Staff/Legal Counsel. The Trip Leader will be advised of the status of the trip proposal. After all appropriate units have reviewed and approved all conditions, the trip proposal will be sent to the President for review.
    5. Review by President: The President or his designee will review the request for trip approval and inform the Trip Leader whether the trip is approved with or without conditions, or denied.

II. Procedures After Trip Approval

    1. Recruit and Finalize Travel Arrangements: Following trip approval, trip advertisements, club fundraising events, pre-registration information sessions, registration, final travel arrangements, and financial commitments may occur. Authorized signatories for EGSC contracts are the President and Vice President for Business Affairs.
    2. Trip Meetings and Required Information
      Prior to departure the Trip Leader must:
      1. Hold an informational meeting, orientation session, and a final trip briefing session to provide each participant with itinerary and obtain the appropriate waivers and forms as determined by the trip approval form,
      2. All participants must provide cell phone numbers to trip leaders;
      3. Trip Leaders must travel with medical information and cell phones for all participants on his/her person during the trip; and
      4. Provide a list of students and chaperones cell numbers with the Office of Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.
    3. Travel Policy and Procedures for Trip Leaders and Chaperones
      The Trip Leader must follow the practices and procedures detailed in the East Georgia State College Travel Policy when making travel arrangements, traveling, and submitting travel expense reimbursement. Trip Leaders and chaperones must fulfill the duties of a supervisor including leading the group’s activities according to the itinerary, directing transportation, securing lodging and meals, and providing information to participants concerning any changes or contingency plans in any of the above arrangements. Trip leaders and chaperones are responsible for securing emergency medical care for participants when necessary and must inform the office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs of trip accidents, injuries and emergencies as soon as possible.

III. Policies and Procedures of the College

While traveling on an East Georgia State College sponsored trip, all EGSC employees and students are subject to the policies and procedures of the college and are expected to adhere to the standards of behavior and Code of Conduct as outlined therein.