Adopted by President’s Cabinet 11/28/17
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 6/25/19

East Georgia State College Intramural Handbook

I. Purpose

The Intramural Sports Program supports the mission of the Office of Student Life by offering quality comprehensive programs and activities to the students, faculty, and staff of East Georgia State College. The Intramural Program strives to promote healthy, active lifestyles while also teaching decision-making, problem solving, conflict management, communication, and social skills. The strength of this program is entirely dependent on student participation and leadership. While the Coordinator of Student Life serves as a facilitator of the program and a liaison between the students and staff of EGSC, the primary responsibility of making the Intramural Sports Program successful lies in the hands of the students who choose to participate.

This handbook will serve as a guide for participants, and should be used a reference should any questions or conflicts arise. However, East Georgia State College reserves the right to make any changes, additions, alterations, or omissions deemed necessary at anytime. For more information about the Intramural Sports Program, please contact the Coordinator of Student Life, at 478-289-2115, or Director of Student Life, at 478-289-2105.

II. Player Eligibility
    1. 1. A valid East Georgia State College ID must be presented to sign up for and participate in an Intramural Activity.
    2. A player must be enrolled in 6 credit hours in the same semester session during which the Intramural Activity takes place. Students who enroll for the current semester and then withdraw from all classes are no longer eligible.
    3. A signed liability waiver and Medical Information Form for each participant must be on file with the Office of Student Life.
    4. Players must never have been considered professional athletes in same or related sport.
    5. Any individual who currently participates in a sport at the intercollegiate level is ineligible to participate in intramural sports during the same academic year. A participant who meets any of the following criteria is considered to be a collegiate athlete:
      1. Name appears on an official intercollegiate roster during the academic year.
      2. Has competed in an intercollegiate contest during the academic year.
    6. Former collegiate athletes can participate in Intramural sports with certain exceptions. Players must not be listed on a collegiate roster in the same or related sport for the current academic year. Exceptions will be made for any player who was on the roster for less than three weeks. A team roster is limited to only one former collegiate athlete.
    7. To be eligible for playoff competition, a player must participate in a minimum of 1 regular season contest.
    8. A player shall not be permitted to play with more than one team per sport. However, players are permitted to play on a gender specific team as well as a Co-Rec team in the same sport. A participant cannot be added to a roster if he or she has already played with another team.
    9. A player is considered a member of the first team he or she signs a game score sheet with, and after entering one contest with a team, a player may not switch teams during the season. In other words, trading is prohibited. Exceptions will be made in the event a team formally withdraws from competition.
III. Getting Started/Registration
    1. Participants are required to form their own teams/roster, a copy of which must be given to the Coordinator of Student Life. One member of the team should be chosen to serve as Team Captain. The Team Captain will act as a liaison between the team and the Coordinator of Student Life. It is the captain’s responsibility to:
      1. Organize the team and enter it into competition before the entry deadline.
      2. Attend the mandatory Captains’ meeting for the designated sport.
      3. Keep his or her contact information up to date with the Office of Student Life.
      4. Be familiar with all eligibility rules and ensure that his or her team consists of only eligible players.
      5. Coordinate practices with team members.
      6. Inform team members as to the time and place of scheduled games.
      7. Ensure that those representing his or her team play according to the rules of the game and conduct themselves properly.
      8. Keep his or her team informed of rules, policies, and regulations governing each sport. 
      9. Inform the Coordinator of Student Life immediately of any conflicts, questions, or changes that may arise throughout the season.
    2. Rosters, Scheduling, and Waivers:
      1. Download and print a roster form from the EGSC Student Life website, or pick one up at the Help Desk located in the JAM Student Center.
      2. Fill out roster with each team member’s name, student ID number, and contact information.
      3. Return completed form to the Office of Student Life. Team Captains will be notified after the verification process is complete.
      4. Game scheduling will be done entirely by the Coordinator of Student Life and/or any student workers employed by the Office of Student Life. All efforts will be made to produce a schedule that accommodates as many teams and players as possible; however, due to space and time limitations, that may not always be possible.
      5. Generally speaking, games will be played in the mid- to late afternoon, and participation in an intramural sport is ABSOLUTELY NOT an excuse to miss class.
      6. Game schedules will be available via the EGSC website and Facebook page, and signage will be placed around campus. It is the responsibility of the players to make themselves aware of game time and location.
      7. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver AND fill out a Medical Information form before participating in game play of any kind. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
IV. Responsibilities and Expectations of Participants
    1. Each team is expected to wear an athletic t-shirt and numbered pinnies. Pinnies will be provided by the Office of Student Life. Teams can elect to provide and wear their own team t-shirts or jerseys with numbers if they desire but all participants must have on the same team color and the opposing team’s color must be different. If electing to provide your own uniform, all players must be outfitted in your uniform or the team will have to wear the pinnies provided. Refusal to do so may result in the forfeiture of the game.
    2. Proper footwear (depending on playing surface) is required. Because attire varies per sport, please refer to specific sport rules for guidelines.
    3. Each team is expected to create a team name by which they will be identified throughout the season. “East Georgia State College” and “Bobcats” should not be used in team names. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to change or alter any team name that is vulgar, offensive, or in poor taste.
    4. Participants are encouraged to practice with teammates and/or schedule and participate scrimmage games. Practices WILL NOT be scheduled by the Office of Student Life, and are therefore the sole responsibility of the teams.
    5. Participants are responsible for keeping up with game schedules, and should remain in frequent contact with the Team Captain and/or Coordinator of Student Life. A team not fielding the minimum number of players at game time shall receive a forfeit loss. Not being aware of a scheduled game is not longer an excuse, as the game schedule is readily accessible online. 
    6. Participants are expected to adhere to all rules and codes of conduct (see below) that apply to each sport and/or venue, as well as the rules and standards of East Georgia State College as outlined in the Student Handbook.
    7. Participants are expected to learn the rules of the specific sport he or she participates in, and to adhere to these rules during all contests. Rule interpretation is the sole responsibility of the official(s), and the Coordinator of Student Life will rely on the judgment of said officials.
V. Extramural Sports (Tournaments)

Participation in activities offered by the Intramural Sports Program provides various opportunities for participation in extramural contests, i.e. state, regional, and national tournaments. These tournaments allow participants from the EGSC Intramural Sports Program to compete against other Intramural teams on the state, regional, and national levels and to represent EGSC at various extramural events. There are some guidelines associated with extramural contests.

    1. There is the potential for East Georgia State College to reimburse the extramural tournament entry fee of one team. This team will be decided either in playoff competition (first place team), or an All-Star team that will be selected at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament. The Office of Student Life will determine which method is best, and several variables will be considered. 
    2. Lodging and travel are not included in any fees paid by the Office of Student Life, unless travel is PROVIDED by the Office of Student Life. This will be determined on a case by case basis. Lodging for participants in an extramural event, however, is never to be paid for or reimbursed by East Georgia State College.
    3. All teams have the opportunity to participate in State and Regional tournaments; however, they must pay their own entry fee, not to be reimbursed by the Office of Student Life
    4. Participation and behavior at extramural events is representative of EGSC and sportsmanship displayed should reflect the program represented. Any instance of poor sportsmanship by an individual or team representing EGSC will result in sanctions for that individual or team with the Intramural Sports Program at EGSC, in addition to any sanctions imposed at the extramural event.
    5. The Coordinator of Student Life will notify Team Captains of any and all applicable extramural activities and tournaments, and a schedule of said activities is available through the Office of Student Life.
VI. Rules and Code of Conduct
    1. 1Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited during any and all Intramural activities. Playing or spectating under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is cause for immediate ejection, and could result in further punishment and sanctions.
    2. If a disagreement should arise between a player and an official concerning the interpretation of a rule that could have or has had a direct bearing on the outcome of a contest, a protest may be made by the team captain to the officials. Protests must be made at the time of the dispute and before play has resumed. Misapplication of playing rules and participant eligibility are the only elements of the contest which may be protested. Official’s judgment may not be protested.
    3. Abusive, offensive, or obscene language and/or gestures will not be tolerated. 
    4. Unnecessary roughness, physical violence, fighting, or threats thereof can result in immediate termination of the game and possible suspension of player(s) and/or team(s).
    5. Use of an ineligible player will cause the offending team to receive a forfeit loss for each contest in which the ineligible player(s) participated.
    6. Any and all behavior and actions deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by officials and/or the Department of Student Life, but not specified in this handbook, can result in ejection and/or suspension.

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