What is the Student Leadership Development Program?

The Student Leadership Development Program is a collaboration between EGSC and the UGA Cooperative Extension Service to provide an opportunity for students to further develop the skills and leadership qualities needed to become effective campus and community leaders.


There is no cost to the student participants of the program.

Who may apply? 

All part-time/full-time students, who attend an EGSC campus and who are in Good Academic Standing, with no pending student conduct issues, and plan to remain with EGSC for the FA 2019 and SP 2020 semesters are invited to apply.

Note: Dual-Enrolled Students are not eligible to apply to program.

When are applications due?

TBA. Applications for the EGSC Student Leadership Development Program (PDF) are to be submitted%20electronically by 5 p.m. on the date they are due.

How will participants of the program be selected? 

A committee consisting of at least four staff of EGSC and two staff UGA Cooperative Extension Services will select not more than 25 students based upon a review of a complete written application and an interview. The committee will select participants based on their potential and desire to develop into a leader for EGSC and their community. Students will be notified about decisions through the College’s official EGSC email system.

Tentative Schedule of Meetings and Location(s):

    • TBA

Note: Students will be allowed to have (1) pre-approved excused absences. Students must attend opening date if they wish to be a part of the EGSC Student Leadership Program. Students who do not abide by the attendance policy will be dismissed from the program.

Program Participants


Program Completion Celebrations