Adopted by President’s Cabinet 7/28/15

Children in the Workplace East Georgia State College values family life and has employment policies and benefits that are supportive of families. While the college seeks to focus on providing an environment open to work and family issues, the workplace should not be used in lieu of a child care provider. East Georgia State College believes that it is inappropriate for minor children or other minor relatives of an employee to be in work areas during work hours for several reasons: the potential liability to the college, risk of harm to the children, and decreased employee productivity due to distractions and disruptions. Therefore, it is the policy of the college that minor children or other minor relatives of employees not be present at the employee’s workplace – for example, office, classroom or shop area – in lieu of other child care arrangements during the employee’s work hours.

This policy is not intended to prohibit children or other family from the campus when the purpose of their visit is to attend classes or to participate in activities specifically scheduled for their benefit, such as summer camps, activities or programs. Minor children or minor relatives of an employee that are on campus after the employee’s work hours and not attending classes or participating in activities such as summer camps, activities and programs for their benefit, must be directly supervised by the parent at all times and not left unattended. Direct supervision requires that the children be in direct line of sight of the parent.