Parking & Transportation at EGSC-Statesboro

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Beginning Fall 2015, a Parking & Transportation fee will be included in each semester's tuition and fees balance, meaning there will be no out-of-pocket, separate cost for Parking Permits and Bus Passes.

The EGSC bus runs between Paulson Stadium and EGSC-Statesboro..

Summer 2016 Bus Schedule (June 1 - July 25)

Leave Stadium     Leave EGSC
     7:30 am                8:00 am
     9:00 am                9:15 am
     9:30 am                9:45 am
     10:00 am              10:45 am
     11:00 am              12:15 pm
     12:30 pm              1:00 pm
     1:15 pm                3:00 pm
     3:30 pm                4:00 MW / 4:30 TR

There is no Friday EGSC bus service during Summer semester.


New Bus Stop Location

Parking & Transportation at Georgia Southern
Students who have classes at Georgia Southern or who wish to utilize the GSU campus resources during the day may park free at Paulson Stadium, with no permit required.

Students who wish to park in a specific lot at Georgia Southern University must purchase a GSU Parking Permit.

Bus passes are not required to board the Georgia Southern buses.

For more information about getting around the GSU campus, visit GSU Parking & Transportation.